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The whole bay - Bahía de Salinas

Bahía de Salinas

More kites

We were eager to kite again and Bahía de Salinas was on our list. When we arrived in La Cruz and drove the small road down into the bay we were impressed. A beautiful bay, Nicaragua on the right, a small island in the middle and the Pacific ocean in the background with almost no buildings in sight it looks like a dream, and it is! The beach is huge, in all directions, the wind is strong and blows all day and the community is great. We had to get used to the strong wind, 30, 35kn on some days and we bought our next kite, this time a 6 that allowed us to ride on the strongest of days. We learned to handle the ups and downs of the wind, rode with turtles, yellow bellied snakes and countless birds that fish all day in the bay. We learned more tricks, Berna's jumps became higher and time passed quickly. The wind forecasts are poor, but who cares, we rode 20 days in 3 weeks!

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