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Endless beach

El Cuyo

On our own

El Cuyo was our first kite destination away from the safe and highly developed Isla Blanca. It was also the first time we were riding in the waves and without the saftey net of jetskis and shallow water and only the open ocean in front of us. It took us a few days to get used to that but then enjoyed it even more than we could have imagined. We met great friends, we spend lazy mornings waiting for the wind and great afternoons out on the water that we typically finished with a cold beer on the beach for sunset. El Cuyo is a small Mexican village, just a few restaurants and coffees offer food and there is not much to do if you have no transport. If you have a car, ATV or bike, go explore Las Coloradas - a lagoon and bird paradise full of flamingos or venture further inland to explore the cenotes of Yucatan. Despite only being 2 to 3 hours from Cancun, El Cuyo is super laid back and it is easy to loose track of time and the rest of the world.

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