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Isla Blanca (Cancun)

Learning to Kite

This is where we learned to kite and a place we really enjoyed. Cancun was always on our "let's get out of it" list. Too touristy, only beaches, expensive, you name it. Kiting and Isla Blanca changed that for us. We got to know the kiting community, made many mistakes (including loosing kite and harness :-)), walked endlessly back to the beach through sting ray infested waters but finally got it. Riding up-wind, buying our first kite (and eventually the second one), riding toe-side, doing jibes and first jumps, all of that happened on Isla Blanca which we think - with our limited experience - is the best place to learn kiting. Great infrastructure, flat and shallow water, jetski support, all of that helps you to get most out of your day learning.

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