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Rouletout is ...


... us: Berna, Ulf, Mutlu, Posh our indestructible truck whose name is actually Roueltout (French, meaning "drive everywhere", "drive all") and our small motorbike called Güçlü. We travel the world, rock climb, enjoy, visit, meet, learn... is ...


... a multi lingual collection of selected episodes of our trip across many countries. You will find short stories, pictures and maybe even videos of places, events or whatever we liked or disliked on our trip and we thought worth sharing. We also encourage you to comment or provide input for us on our trip using the "Tip Line", enjoy our blog!

Berna Fuchslueger (Avar)

No climbs too steep, no action too crazy, no road too bad for Berna, cold is her only enemy - and if I mean cold it is below 25°C. Maybe it is because she is from Izmir or maybe it is because she was never to a "cold" country ;-). And don't try to refuse a visa for her - she will be a real pain until she gets what she wants. Berna is big fun and she will cheer you up when you need it.


Rouletout is our home, a small but very comfortable and capable home. She has a small companion, Güçlü - our enduro bike - that she is carrying on her back without complaining. She has a lot of power and provides every comfort, carries us over good and very bad roads, and waits for us for days while we do what we like. Sometimes she creates confusion, especially at borders where custom officials typically don't know in which category to put her. Check out this link for technical details.

Ulf Fuchslueger

Before meeting Ulf I heard that he is a very good chemist and that he has a company in Basel. I imagined a formal guy. First time seeing him I realize that he has not only a big background but he is almost 2 meter too!!! After 10 minutes Ulf became Ulfi. Do you want to go to a party of 16 year olds with him? No problem but he will be on top of the table don't forget this !!!! :). He is the best guy for being together if you want to leave a small trace on the world.

Mutlu (Happy)

We found him in front of Koçtaş (a sort of “Homedepot” or “Obi”) in Izmir. Andrew, an English friend in Izmir referred him to us and when we decided to pick him up it ended in a complete failure. No way to get the dog into Rouletout. Next day with the help of Andrew we managed to get him in and since then Mutlu is in love with Rouletout. Actually he prefers to stay alone with Rouletout over joining us on a climbing spree. When driving, he can sit for hours behind us just staring out of the window or at us making him the third passenger of our red monster. Despite the fact that he has such a nice character most people are afraid on first sight, as a Belgium Sheppard (at least to a high percentage) he is simply big and very very strong.


Named after the alcohol from Chiappas,  she is also a little "posh" in the classical sense. Most of all she is a warrior, but what do you expect from a dog from Guerrero? She was one of five when we found her at Temu's farm near Taxco and only a few weeks old. Now she is travelling and learning all the good stuff from Mutlu while trying to play with him and keeping him on his feet...


Güçlü (strong) is our small freedom. Carries us where Roueltout can't go, goes shopping and provides the opportunity to explore places that we wouldn't visit normally. Despite its high age it is extremly reliable and brings us lots of joy.

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