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Videos from our trip

This is our chronological video collection - you can find all our videos on our YouTube channel

Cuba - A side trip

Come and enjoy this tropical island with us.

Mexico with Jutta & Sepp

From Oaxaca to Quintana Roo. On tour with our family.

Mexico - a video by Ivan about our days in Guadalajara!

Images are from Ixcatan and from Ivan's camp near Guadalajara.

USA - Moab (UT)

A glimpse on our stay in the Moab area, red sandstone, climbing, desert and fun!

Canada - Up and Down

A short video about our trip north to the Arctic Sea through lots of wilderness.


Overlanding Japan, small roads, food, culture, people and rock climbing! Check out this video and discover "our end of Asia" by yourself, enjoy!


Two times Laos, in total almost 3 months in north and central Laos with a lot of climbing in 2015 and early 2016, enjoy!


Crossing Myanmar with your own car is only possible since 2013. Check this video to see the amazing sites and beauty of Myanmar from West to East.


Crossing this amazing country from West to East is still an adventure - come and have a look!

Albania - Gjipe Beach

Some impressions from Gjipe beach

Mexico Part I - The North

A video about our trip through northern Mexico. With climbing in El Potrero Chico and El Salto, our way west to Baja California and our way north an back to the US on Baja - enjoy!

USA Part II - Alaska

Video one of our trip up North through Canada to the Arctic Sea and to Alaska covering Alaska only.


Overlanding Korea, what an amazing experience, food, culture, people and rock climbing! Check out this video and discover this far eastern gem for yourself.


Our 3 months trip through China's south and Tibet in a bit more than 18 minutes - enjoy it!


A not so short video about our trip through India in 2014/2015 - excluding our prolonged climbing stay in Badami, enjoy!


The video to our trip South East - from Wyoming, Montana through Kentucky to Louisiana... not all in chronological order, enjoy it anyways!

USA Part I

Our journey from CA and AZ to the Canadian border. Lots of climbing, nature and fun!

South Korea - The Teaser

A first glimpse on our first 3 months in Korea - wow!


5 months Thailand in 17 minutes. Enjoy nature, climbing and culture from south to north!

Badami - India

Rock climbing on the amazing sandstone cliffs of Badami in Karnataka, India.


Amazing culture, breathtaking landscapes, friendly people and strange rules (not to forget, Mutlu's first tarvel abroad)

Turkey - from west to east

Our trip through Turkey


A short view on the beauty of Montenegro

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