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Baraghan is a climbing spot not far from Teheran (park at N 35°59.662' E 50°57.445' at an altitude of 2000m). We climbed on the other side of the valley that is accessible using the path going down. We later learned that there is more climbing just above the parking. The rock is brittle at some places so please be careful. To our knowledge there is no guide book, it is best to contact local climbers. Routes range from easier grades to steep 8b's in the cave.

Posht Mole (Shiraz)

Located in the northern part of Shiraz (N 29°40.083' E 52°30.133') this small climbing spot is definitely worth a visit when you are in town. Access is short (there is road construction work on-going just below the cliff so that might change), just turn right from Chamran Blvd when coming from the city after the tourist info and go as far as possible. The spot is located on the left (mostly) and right side of an obvious canyon facing west. There are about 25 single pitch routes with varying difficulties but as usual in Iran you need to find local climbers to get an idea about grades. Equipment as far as we saw it is good, some anchors might require some improvements so be prepared to leave some material on the less frequented routes. Also, some of the routes have passages with loose rock. We definitely recommend the slightly elevated area / corner on the left side of the canyon after the first 2 caves. Here the rock is solid and bolting and anchors are perfect.


Remark: we learned that there are at least 2 more climbing spots near Shiraz, please check with local climbers to find out more


This is the main climbing crag near Teheran (N 36°1.000' E 51°8.650') on the road from Karaj to Chalus. It offers "granite style" climbing on limestone, single pitch and multi pitch (about . You can almost be sure to meet local climbers at the cliff to give you advice on routes and grades. Bring a helmet as all sport climbing routes are below multi pitch routes!


Khorramabad (Chorramabad) is located in western Iran. The climbing is located up the dirt road and into the valley from the parking at N 33°30.032' E 48°12.957' at an altitude of 1245m. There are only about 10 to 20 bolted routes and we are not aware of any guidebook. There is also big wall climbing in the faces of the main mountain.

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