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Datca (camp located at N 36°44.220' E 27°38.266' at an altitude of about 90m) is a relatively new spot in south western Turkey offering about 250 routes on perfect limestone. Mostly single pitch routes of all grades offer a wide variety of climbing. Cliffs offer different orientations allowing to climb all year and at all times of the day. The sea is never far in Datca which makes it a perfect holiday destination.


Gökdere (cliff at N 38°22'59" E 27°16'2") is a small but nice climbing spot near Izmir, offering about 20 to 30 bolted routes and some trad climbing on limestone. Currently there is no guide book. A nice route is "Traverse of teh Gods, about 7a+.


Sarikaya is a cliff located outside Izmir on the road to Manisa (parking at N 38°34.179' E 27°19.192' at an altitude of 550m; from there follow the obvious path up to the cliff). There are about 80 bolted routes of all grades on surprisingly good quality limestone. As it is often windy this crag is also good on hot days. A small topo is available from local shops in Izmir.


Kaynaklar (cliff at N 38°21'50" E 27°17'52") is the main climbing spot near Izmir with about 175 routes of all grades. There is a guidebook you can find in local shops. There are multiple sectors, most of them next to each other.


Dalyan offers about 30 routes in 2 sectors whereas the Angel sector next to the lake (and above the road) offers some beautiful climbing on tufas. There are limitations on new developments in the whole area but if you pass to visit the rock temples of Dalyan climbing there for 1 or 2 days is well worth it.

Geyikbayiri (Antalya)

Another one of these climbing spots that doesn't need an introduction. Geyikbayiri, not far from Antalya is covered in the corresponding guidebook and up-to-date information can be found at Josito camp.

Dogan Kaya in
Cayirbagi (Düzköy)
Olympos (Antalya)

Olympos (N 36°23'27.8" E 30°28'08.6") offers hundreds of routes of all grades in multiple different sectors in the valley and also in Cirali (which can be accessed via a longer hike along the beach). In high season Olympos is a crowded backpacker destination, off-season it is quiet, even deserted and a nice climbing spot. Some sectors get wet in winter when it rains and stay so for longer. Most routes are covered in the Geyikbayiri guide book.


Kemaliye is located at the shores of Euphrate (camp site at N 39°16.719' E 38°29.402' at an altitude of 970m). You can get up-to-date information and a guide book at the tourist office in the village. There are about 30 bolted routes in 2 sectors. Most of them are relatively short and some of the bolting could be improved. Also some of the grades in the guidebook should be revised, so be careful.

The camp site has water, toilets and a covered area. The nearby black canyon is well worth a visit.

Cayirbagi is a small village located in north eastern Turkey (top of the sector accessible via dirt road at N 40°51.570' E 39°21.488' at an altitude of 1380m). There is a good handful of bolted routes on a very interesting rock formation (see picture) and some trad climbs. Due to bad weather we couldn't climb. The camping location on top of the cliff is beautiful.

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