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Kiting on Isla Blanca

Kite Spots

In this section we provide info about kite spots we visited during our travels. Kiting is a relatively new sport for us and we consider ourselves being solid beginners. Keep that in mind when reading our comments. We also focus on non-kite related aspects, like kiting for overlanders, how easy it is to get there, stay there with your own rig, seasonality and so on.

It is not intended to be a complete guide to the spots we visited but should give you an impression on how we experienced it, what we liked and what we didn't like. As with all things kiting, it also depends on the season. Maybe we didn't hit the spot at its best season or were just lucky (or unlucky) with the wind and weather...


Isla Blanca (Cancun)

The place where we learned to kite and probably the best place to do so anywhere in the world. While it can become crowded it is just the perfect spot. Ride with almost any wind, shallow water, great support...


Roatan - Camp Bay

The island off the coast of Honduras is quite touristy but the eastern end is less developed and is the place to kite and stay. Constant trade winds make this a great spot in the season even though the beaches are rather narrow to launch and land.


El Cuyo

The kite surfing paradise on the northern coast of Yucatan. Side shore winds, endless empty beaches and a small village make this the perfect spot to kite, chill and relax. There is also plenty of space for your truck...

Turtle & Kite

Bahía de Salinas

Salinas bay is a world famous kite destination in Costa Rica, just next to the border with Nicaragua on the Pacific side. Strong winds for most part of the year in a beautiful setting make it a prime destination for kiters from all over the world.



Just north of Merida this is another kite spot with lots of space in a small Mexican town. On weekends the beach might be busy but during the week you are most likely by yourself. Watch out for the passing flamingos!

Lake Arenal Kiting

Laguna de Arenal

The famous lake next to volcan arenal was already famous as a wind surfing destination over 20 years ago. Strong winds and a breathtaking coast make this a must stop for every kiter visiting Costa Rica.

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