We wrote a lot about Korea, the food, the people, the culture - what an amazing place. Also the climbing is great but to list the climbing spots of Korea that we visited would be too much, even for our web-page! The reasons are two-fold, first we spent a lot of time in Korea and second, many if not most climbing spots in Korea are rather small. This has the advantage that within a few hours you can enjoy differnet rock types, climbing styles and restaurants ;-) but it is hard to focus on just 2 or 3 major spots.

Luckily our friend Dong-il made all of his climbing guide book for Korea available to theCrag.com - the world's best climbing resource. Check out the climbing in Korea on theCrag. If you take the time to check our logbooks (here is Ulf's and here is Berna's) on theCrag you will also see where and what we climbed.

Just as a hint, the biggest single climbing area is Seonun-san and there is tons of climbing around Busan, no actually everywhere in Korea...

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