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Bukit Keteri

Famous as it was developed by and featured in some Mammut climbing videos Bukit Keteri (N 6°31.186' E 100°15.668' at an altitude of 30m) is a perfect example of what happens if a climbing spot gets forgotten. The cliff looks really nice but access to the routes requires a machete and most routes are rather dusty. That said the crag (topo also in the Tonsai guidebook) offers some nice climbing even though some of the bolting gives the impression it was done in a hurry. We don't recommend to go there if it is not on your way as the surrounding environment also doesn't offer too much to do.

Tambun (Ipoh)

This was also originally developed by Mammut (N 4°37.563' E 101°9.357') but is now within the premises of an amusement park called "Lost World". That said you need to pay entrance and will share the crag with hundreds (if not thousands) of squeaking visitors.  We decided to move on...

Batu Caves
(Kuala Lumpur, Selangor)

Batu Caves is a major pilgrimage site just at the northern outskirts of K.L. Multiple climbing sectors were developed in the last years but it seems that only Damai wall (N 3°14.896' E 101°41.274' at an altitude of 67m) is frequently used. It is a sector offering easy single and multi pitch routes for beginners up to 6c.

We also checked White Wall just next to Damai but the access was destroyed and is not maintained, only go with a machete and lots of moskito repellent. At Nyamuk Wall (english "moskito wall") - which  actually offers the best sports climbing in Batu Caves - we were chased by the moskitos and teh rubbish at the base of the cliff. A pity not more is done by the local club just sitting below Damai wall.


Check Malaysia Rock Climbing for up-to-date info.

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