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Albania & Kosovo

Gjipe Beach

Gjipe beach (N 40°7.696' E 19°40.235') is a perfect place to combine sea and rock. The official parking is a little higher up and accessed by a good road, the way down to the beach is only recommended with 4WD drive.

About 20 to 30 climbs are behind the beach in a canyon on both sides. There is one or the other multi pitch but most are sport climbs on reddish limestone. As there is no official topo and the bolting was done by various passing climbers we recommend to be careful on what routes you choose. Not all bolting and stations are perfect and you might still find some loose rock.

We recommend "Der Dirigent" on the right side, probably around 7b and "Fels Theater" on the left side in the canyon, about 6c with 35m.


Lengarica (N 40°15.334' E 20°27.824') is a canyon with hot springs and some climbing. We didn't climb there and rather preferred to use the natural hot pools left and right of the canyon. There are about 20 routes bolted but nothing you would come here for if you wouldn't pass anyways. A topo can be found here.

Rugova Canyon (Kosovo)

Rugova Canyon (N 42°39.724' E 20°14.159') is a beautiful canyon / valley in north eastern Kosovo. The tourist information in Peja is very friendly and competent and will provide you with info on the climbing possibilities. We checked some of the climbing but the choice of routes and the bolting made it easy for us to enjoy other aspects of teh canyon.

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