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Grdoba is located about 25km from Valjevo in western Serbia (GPS:  N44°12’27.73” E19°42’52.43"). There are about 80 routes distributed on different sectors with one main sector just below the small and narrow road. Parking and water (across the street at the farm) is available and local climbers often camp on top of the cliff in a beautiful setting in the green hills of Serbia. A small village with a shop is just a 20 minute hike away, more serious shopping can be done in Valjevo. The limestone cliff features vertical and slightly overhanging routes between 5b and 8b and in general the rock quality is very good. Many routes can be climbed when it rains or dry quickly. For what we climbed we found the bolting and anchors to be well placed and in good condition. Must climbs are Aurora Australis (7b) and Arthur C. Clarke (7a).
Information about the spot and the top can be found at Serbia Climbing.


Ljubovija is located in western Serbia at the border to Bosnia & Hercegovina not far from the shores of the river Drina. The climbing spot is located about 20km from Ljubovija in direction of the monastery St. Nikolaj which is well indicated (GPS  N44°16’8.80" E 19°25’34.32"). You can park next to the monastery where you can find water and camp next to small and refreshing rivers. There are about 60 routes between 5b and 8b at 3 different sectors but more sectors are being developed. The limestone cliffs tend to stay wet after rain as water flows in from the top so the spot is best visited during dry periods. Bolting looked ok to us but some anchors had not connected bolts, so be prepared to bring some material. Hiking in the beautiful area is a perfect rest day activity.Information about the spot and the top can be found at Serbia Climbing.

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