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As Berna couldn't get her Schengen visa on time (see separate blog for this one) Rouletout was headed out of the Schengen area as fast as possible. We (Rouletout and I) left Switzerland on May 06 and arrived in Bosnia & Hercegovina on May 08 and after some minor issues at the border (don't forget your green card!) we directly steamed towards Sarajevo. I had heard of a nice place to stay just outside the city center - Ollywood Guesthouse - and I was headed there using my fancy navigation system. After having crossed the city center I was directed left into a narrow road that got steeper and steeper. For those who know San Francisco - forget it, Sarajveo has steeper roads. I was hitting branches and was really worried where this road will lead me. As there was no way back, I went forward. After a while I saw a blue Audi in my mirror and at one rare crossing I tried to give him some space to pass just to realize that he stopps next to me. "Are you searching the campground? It is mine!" was the next thing I heard and "you can't go forward, it is getting worse, didn't you read my web page?". That's how I met Olivier, the owner of Ollywood, the godfather of the lively music scene in Sarajevo and a perfect host. Entering the campground - which is not much bigger than a regular garden - required some phone cables to be lifted but nothing easier than that and after a few maneuvers Rouletout found his place with a perfect view on Sarajevo, just waiting for Berna to arrive from Izmir the next day.

We stayed a few days at Ollywood and came back 2 more times during our stay in BiH, always enjoying the hospitality and the illustrious circle of visitors and guests high above the city. Thank you Olivier!!

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