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Iran: I was shaking at the border with my fully closed costume. We bribed one official to accelerate some affairs and after a few kilometres we looked for fuel. One truck driver (he was kind of a cartoon character: one long pant, like Capri, socks are long finishing under half the Capri, eyes are squint with glasses and he was smiling non stop ;)) gave us his fuel card and we fed our Rouly for just 150 euro .This means we paid our 1,5 month rent to Rouly. First day I was so nervous sleeping and ...Iran becoming more sincerely. Small small mountains wave with 3 colours. Tabriz; I respect religion however it made me feel upset when I see every women under one big black scarf. We are saying women are flowers, unfortunately in Tabriz women are invisible.4 days passed since entering Iran, yesterday we arrive at the climbing sector Baraghan. The way is a story by itself but other stories are when we arrive. We went to the cave to check the routes. First gun shot, second shot, 3 shot ... . but still we are thinking with our pink glasses. They are shooting birds however when I arrive Ulfi is showing one village clothes guy our passports and they are taking pics about it. After they would like to take picture and Ulfi is getting soo excited and takes pictures with them at every corner. When they left I asked Ulfi 'who they are?' They have white plate and they show to Ulfi something and Ulfi realized they are police (how Ulfi read this language I really don't know) I am asking "what was the sound of shooting?’ Ulfi replied 'they were shooting around with guns for fun’. My face is getting red like hell. We don't know they are police or not but we know they are shooting around for fun and we took pictures with them and we gave them our passports. Now I understood danger is not only outside even inside I have danger 'who is not afraid than human, my dear friend Ulfi.


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