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The face of Iran Teheran metro: One guy dividing the crowd and shaking Ulfi’s hand to say 'welcome to Iran' and he is disappearing. Police is stopping us and asking only where we are from and saying 'WELCOME TO IRAN’ and sometimes 'please come to my house and let’s have launch together (mostly we are understanding these than hand gesture but I am almost sure they would like to say this sentence). Mercedes garage hospitality to invite us and our German friends for one day to their house, that was a very big gesture and I don't think so anywhere else we can see this again.Our English teacher Josef and wife Fatima being our guide during Ashure festival time. Josef explains to us that Islam gives them the duty to interest with guests of any kind for up to 3 days.Our crazy driver Meryem. She talked with us, same time taking pictures with her phone and of course all that while driving like hell and fixing her chador.We saw 2 trucks stuck in the snow on top of the mountain. He put for me one carpet on the snow and gave me tea. I would like to help but it was the other way round. I meet so many nice faces in Iran. Thank you for all of them and for their hospitality.The landscape of Iran is another story, Queshm island, mountains, walls they are all amazing.I hope Iran will become a more relaxed country and get more tourists.


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